About the Artist

My name is Alethia Jones, and I am a Dallas, Texas native currently living in San Antonio.
Growing up in a military household, God has blessed me with rewarding experiences from traveling, learning about different cultures, and meeting the most amazing people along the way!  I am wildly passionate about creating things, and with my jewelry I primarily utilize leather and other natural materials to produce a Neo-Tribal vibe.  My drawings are celebrations of spirituality, life, and vivid imagination.  My deepening relationship with Jesus and love/curiosity of the world around me are the biggest inspirations behind everything I do and make.

I started my company, Uhuru Aevum (pronounced Ooh-hoo-roo I-vum), in 2014 as a way to take a big leap forward and share my creations with the world.  Uhuru means "freedom" in Swahili, while Aevum is a Latin term for the infinite, everlasting time period in Heaven.
Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy, and God bless. :)

-- Alethia